Thursday, September 10, 2015

Middle class adjustable feathers! (And hello again)

Hello hat people!!

I'm back! I'm back! I'm up and running (ok, mostly up and running) after the big move to Ontario! My kiddo has started school, all the essentials are unpacked, and I FINALLY have something to post for you to look at.

I got a request this week from a lady who was interested in this hat on my website:

The only issue with it is that she's playing a middle class lady at a faire and the sumptuary guidelines find the ostrich plumes too uppityfancy for her station. Valid point, really. She asked if I could replace them with more middling feathers, so I've mocked up something that I really like:
The dark feathers are dyed iridescent coque (rooster), the pale ones are guinea fringe, the speckled one is partridge and the green ones are dyed ringneck pheasant. The pheasant ones are not so electric in real life. Photography, eh? What can you do. Ok, I guess I could color correct, but I didn't. I'll just say that they are brighter in the photo than in my hand and hope that is sufficient.

Back view of same, showing the sweep of the coque feathers. I love the little brown tips.

She also asked if I could make the wonderful ostrich plumes addable for when she goes to other faires and is not constrained by the character she is portraying at this one. I said sure:
I'm just a teensy bit enamoured with the guinea fringe, so I added a touch of it there too.

If she pins the ostrich plumes on top of the other feathers, she'll get something fabulous like this:

Well - only not held on, yannow, with my hand. BOY I can't wait to get my photo studio set up again!  I wonder where the heck all the pieces are. Garage, probably.
Anyway - I need to show her these pictures, and get her OK before I sew them on, but I thought some of you might be interested too!

I've missed doing this SO much. Moving is such total chaos, even when you label everything like I do. (My son loves to tell people that I labeled my labeler. I also labeled the shelf where it goes. I did that to be funny...but that doesn't mean I won't do it again.)

I hope she loves the feathers!!