Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just ordered some new feathers!

Check em out - Bleached peacock swords!
I can't wait to see how these look. I love the natural colored peacock swords, and what I can do with them. My only issue is that the only come in one color - peacock color. These are pretty exciting, especially since I just also ordered an assortment of cream, tan, beige, rust, peach, bone, ivory, eggshell colored ostrich feathers. Amazing how fast I run out of things, and how exciting new supplies can be.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My favorite Willie photo

P1000524 by Trulinor
P1000524, a photo by Trulinor on Flickr.
My favorite shot.


P1000527 by Trulinor
P1000527, a photo by Trulinor on Flickr.
Willie's favorite part of the whole outfit - Pockets!

Back view

P1000514 by Trulinor
P1000514, a photo by Trulinor on Flickr.
Back of the Willie clothes

Willie's outfit

P1000506 by Trulinor
P1000506, a photo by Trulinor on Flickr.
Willie - looking pretty smart in his new suit. I really love how it came out. He gave me total creative freedom - AND stood perfectly still for both fittings. How much better can that be?

Such a clean workshop!

Better look now, cause I'm not sure that it will EVER be this clean again!
After the last big shop project (Willie's outfit and hat) I noticed that the dust bunnies were more like THAT bunny from THAT movie, and that even sweeping was just causing them to regroup and reorganize. To keep them from starting to lobby for voting rights, something had to be done.....so....with a stack of custom hat orders looming, I went ahead and did a deep clean anyway.

I'm not sure why I never take before pictures, but trust me - it's a pretty remarkable difference.
Tim brought up the industrial vacuum - the one with a five point harness - and we got every corner all clean.

Now - usually, when my chop is clean, you can't keep me out of there. It's like this siren calling to me, and I'm much more likely to feed my family spaghetti-os for dinner and be out there ALL NIGHT if even the cutting table is cleaned off.

Ironically, it's so clean....I don't wanna mess it up. I want to go sit in one of the chairs by the fireplace heater and drink tea.....but I"m oddly loathe to actually do anything that will mess it up again.

This is a new feeling, and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Probably starting a big new project will take care of it. Probably Kirsten's Viking stuff....

Anyway - here are some of the recent projects that made the shop need to be scrubbed:

 Willie's doublet, on Tim. (Above). I've got some great shots of Willie in this - will post those from Flickr later.
 Lovely Green hat for a nice lady in Oklahoma.
 Trying out a straw Cavalier hat for a lady in Australia...this one is sort of experimental....
 And (below) Cael's lovely hat, which ships out today. I Lurve it and can't wait for photos of it on him with his long red hair!

 And a pretty little red and black perchy number :) I want one of these for me.

Ok - that's lots. Back to it now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Willie's new hat

P1000509 by Trulinor
P1000509, a photo by Trulinor on Flickr.
Great shot of one of the new blanks of awesomeness.