Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today's big news-du-jour-of-the-day-today (drumroll......) is that my Store page is ACTUALLY current!!
(Though, of COURSE there is one more finished hat I missed. Found it this morning, dangit. It's deep purple, flat-topped, and feathery, in case you're curious.)

This feels so good, it makes me want to list these other current accomplishments:
  • I have located and installed my FTP software (again) on the new laptop, and managed to connect to my website host. Who rocks, by the way. I really need to send him some toffee. Like really. Hooray!!
  • I have fixed my custom order form! (This means, of course, that it was broken.) Three different orders had become lost in the ether, all due to my utter lack of clue with regard to editing HTML using Word. (Hint: You can't. At least *I* can't. But I sure did try, and it sure did break, and it sure didn't tell me so. I had to notice the lack of orders.)
  • I've added a bunch of images to my gallery, with NUMBERS on them, for folks to use for reference when they order custom work. No more will I read: "like the grey hat on the third row" when the only hat I see there is green, not grey, and the number of rows varies according to window width...etc. Much better to say "make it like #32."
  • I've improved the sweatband installation process greatly (by regular sewing machine, even!!) SEE!!
(Cause you CAN'T make a hatblog post with NO pictures. Ya just Can't.)

Right now, all these accomplishments make me feel all resolute about keeping my page updated with actual, available, on the shelf hats. This is a Good Thing, since I have nearly a dozen on the shelf right now, and seem to be in the headspace to make more! (After filling orders, of course)
This year's resolutions, therefore, are:
  • keep page updated (I can dream, right?)
  • introduce Top Shelf hats (with linings and leather sweatbands)
  • use super-uber-sturdy-strong-double-walled-275lb test hat shipping boxes! I have these already - and they ROCK!
  • aquire custom printed linings and/or leather sweatbands with my logo on them. This may be a longshot - but would be LOTS of fun, no?
  • Go back to the awesome local hat block experts, for some spa therapy for my hatblock collection.
  • Service main sewing machine. Must. Do. This.
  • maybe a website upgrade. Like, the kind where I get a more easily updatable website, where it resizes the photos and pulls them from somewhere, and All I have to do is crop them and dump them in a folder or table. Does that exist? That has to exist.  

Allright - enough for now. Cause that 's LOTS, really.
Happy new year!