Sunday, August 24, 2014

Progress on a replica custom order

Finishing up my existing orders, I finally came to one I've been really looking forward to.
It's made of a fabulous long-haired (napped) cashmere/wool blend, which reads like beaver fur, and it's got a wonderful combination feather cockade made from dyed,burnt peacock herl and  curled ostrich plume tips around a centered pin. 

This is the first attempt at the shapes, and it's just placeholder bling. We're really only at the patterning stage.

But try #1 is totally viable!

I really like this shot. Shows the nice angle and curve I got in the brim.
Same hat - different, wigless, head :)


back view
 I'm trying to decide if the brim wants to be narrower. I already reduced the size down from my standard brim size, and made it a slight cone shape, rather than a flat oval.
It's very pretty the way it is, but the one in the portrait we're emulating does seem to be even smaller.

 We'll see what the customer says. I'm game either way. Yay progress, though!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Custom orders on pause

Just thought I'd post a note to let you all know that I can't take any new custom orders at this time due to a new job (yay!) and some family health issues.(boo!) 

If I've already accepted your order, we are still on track, so no worries there. Just need a pause- likely till Dec. I'll be sure to post the "all clear."

Thank you all for understanding.