Thursday, May 28, 2015

Google and Blogger, I apologize

I just spent the last few hours maligning you to the world for deleting all my older blog photos, which you absolutely, totally did not do.

I will NOT currently be switching blog platforms.

Apparently I have two different google accounts (I think I knew this?) and both of them are allowed to post on this blog. (Cause that makes sense)

Then apparently someone tried to hack one of them and you locked the account to protect me, which locked all my photos too. Which made them disappear.
So now they are back, and I'm relieved and a bit of a shmuck.

In the grateful department though - i realized that I really value this archive of my hat work, and I need to maybe pay a little more attention to it.

Also - I've tried to add the "like" box to posts (Very slick, that feature. Thanks)
so let's see if that works.


The no-longer-panicky-hat-lady