Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been forever. I know, I know. Look - HATS!

I have a good excuse for my silence though. A great excuse, actually. I'm moving to Minneapolis. Yep.
My hubby got an awesome new job - the kind that you sell your house and move your child for. He'll be the MD of the Children's Theatre Company, which is a pretty humongous deal. We sure do hope to get there, get settled and STAY for a while!

I've been keeping busy prepping a house to sell, putting it on the market, showing it, keeping up with orders best I can (STILL haven't missed a deadline!) (missed a few emails....but no deadlines) and moving my husband off to Minneapolis to start the new job while the 11 yr old and I finish out the school year and keep the house (workshop included) squeaky clean.

Whaddaya think - good excuse for no blogging?

I just finished a couple of nice looking custom orders, and wanted to share a couple of shots. First, this nice fellow will be playing Raleigh at a faire, and ordered this to go with his fabulous black and pearled outfit. LOVE it! Came out so clean - I'm using a new trick or two to keep the top really really tight to the block while drying and the improvement in the shapes are undeniable!

And this fellow, who needed improved  headwear in order for his clothing to pass muster to have his merchant booth at a different faire, ordered this elegant, understated lovely:

Again - I'm thrilled with how cleanly they came out - and a HUGE thank you to the Seattle weather, which cooperated just in time for me to get this pulled and sized in the sunshine!! It was POURING outside when the order came, and there is no sizing inside the shop when I have to have it smelling all pretty for incipient  house-buyers. Yay for timely sun!

I've ordered new edge ribbon to coordinate with all the fabulous new blanks that I got last August. That order will take 3-4 weeks, so I wait for it patiently. See me be patient? Patient, patient, patient.

I also began a couple of hats for what will be a big order for Pennsic. (20 hats! largest wholesale order I've had yet!) I'm starting that now, because who knows what the future months will bring workshop-wise. Rest assured that there WILL be TrulyHats after this move. There WILL, be a functioning workshop....I just don't know how long that will take to happen. The faster the house sells, the less downtime there will be.
Wish us all the best luck!!