Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prototype of custom hat lining

The sample came for the new custom Trulyhat linings!!

The printing looks so awesome, I'm about to burst. It's SO much clearer than I expected. I need to figure out how to make the tops be all smooth, but I have several ideas about that.

Now - I wonder which hat I'll try it in.....

I'm SO jazzed!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Red Flatcap options

These flashy orders are so much fun.

Here's an awesome red velveteen flatcap, pictured with three different trimming options
 for my lovely customer to peruse.
 (Heloooo lovely customer!)

I've placed these from least pricey to most pricey.

First one has on a simple,band, ready for her to pearl or bling up further as she desires. It's a particulary classy piece of  $10/yd gold guimpe that I picked up at Mokuba in Toronto.

This trim would add $5 on top of the base custom flatcap price.

Option 2 looks like many portraits I've seen. Would be hard to "bling up" further, but It might be my favorite anyway - cause it looks like the portraits.
This band would be $10 more than the base custom flatcap price, or $20 more with extra floofy feathers - which I think she kinda wanted, so I thought I'd mention it.

Option 3 wears seven metal brooches with cherubs holding small stones in the centers, with beads and glass pearls between them. I wish they were red stones, but they ain't. I wish I had 20 of them to put all the way around, but I don't. Still - it's definitely the flashiest, and is very VERY pretty. (I would not leave the other gold trim underneath this band - too distracting). I also stuck an extra feather on her, since this band NEEDED the extra floof. This one, with the brooches and the extra feather, would be $30 more than the base custom flatcap price.

Closeup of the awesome simple gold trim:

Closeup of beads and glass pearls. Beads are plastic, but they look very nice.

Closeup of the blingy one.

If she were yours - which would YOU prefer? I'm really torn, myself.