Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New custom order finished!

Just finished a new custom order - check 'er out!
I LOVE the new bleached curly peacock swords!

This lady sent me swatches for her wardrobe of kirtles and jackets, all of which had been carefully crafted to be what I call "Elizeranimalized." (Elizabethan Garanimals? Get it?
Never heard of Garanimals? You're too young, forget it. Assume that I meant that her historical clothing wardrobe is beautifully and carefully coordinated.)
It's always a little tough to make a hat that goes perfectly with several changes of outfits, yet it is a common request. If I just stick all the colors in there, it gets kindof non-cohesive and sloppily designed, and
I'm not so thrilled with putting my label on that.
I feel like this one, however, will cover all bases, and came out looking quite nice all by herself!
Now I  just hope she loves it too :)