Saturday, October 15, 2011

great customer photo

Two friends from Texas, looking extra groovy in their Truly hats.
Thanks for sending!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Straw Cavalier hat finished!!

It's finished! Looks pretty spiff, if I dare say so.
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I LOVE these cockades. I know I go on about them a lot, but come ON, aren't they amazing? I can make a fabulous, color coordinated focal point to go with ANYTHING now. I replaced the little pink organza flower in the center with a hand cast pewter stud with a Tudor rose on it. Something about those little plastic beads in the center of the flower were just not ok.

 Top view of the straw.

 And the ties that the customer requested to tie underneath her hair to keep the hat on in the wind. She wants to wear this in a sailing regatta at the end of October, and it needs to STAY ON. I tried them out - it really works well!
I sure do wish there were an easy-to-understand guide to shipping custom made straw hats to Australia.
I have to look up my exemption code every time. Everytime. Hm - maybe I could note it here for future reference.

NOEEI 30.37(a) value below $2500.00
Must hand deliver to the Post Office or schedule a pickup - don't just drop it in the box

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pink/silver cockade for the straw cavalier hat

Lookie Lookie.

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It's a lighter pink in person, with a silver grey cockade on top and an organza flower centerpiece, which I'm thinking I'm going to need to glue on for best effect. (drat-we hates glue!) It's not stitched down to the crinoline yet, but is sortof pinned out to show the design concept.

I need to go send her this by email too. Hope she loves it :)