Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New style of Ouches!

New style of Tudor Ouches!

I'm pretty jazzed - look what came while I was away!
These are very like the square black ones I already had (which I just got a lot more of, btw.) in that they are pierced earrings, but they are a great shape and style to be used in Tudor gown and Jewelry bling!

They are 5/8" X 3/4" Plated metal alloy with acrylic rhinestones. They will be $1.50/Pair. I got 100 of each color, but if we like them, I can get more. They came pretty quickly.
The come in these colors and this finish only - but both looks pretty perfect to me!

angle view - see all the awsesome sewy holes?
front view

Money shot (haha!) for scale

Black ones could pass a glass stones. (Red ones less so, but they still look good.)


Penny for scale
Here's the back, as they come out of the package.

The post bends very easily. I thought I'd be cutting them off, but found with the square style that bending them and poking them through the fabric was a good placement aid before stitching them on.

Side view, so you can see how "tall" they are.

And a comparison shot with one of the larger style ouches. 

So - whadaya think? I only got 100 (50 pair) of each color to give them a look. Do you like them? Should I order more?