Friday, November 16, 2012

BACK in Business!

I have officially landed in Minnesota! Hat-wise, I mean. We've *lived* here since July 3rd, and it has taken till NOW to get my shop up and running. Ok - so we had major water damage and renovation to deal with, but STILL, I mean JEEZ!)

Here are the first two creations for the oh-so-patientest of customers:

I still have a stack of orders in the queue, so will be happily busy for a while yet.

I've also got a few hats started that will be available on-the-shelf. Hunter green tall hat, burgundy tall hat with larger brim than usual (looks a little later period,) cool mottled brown tall bowler, chocolate flat-topped long-hair beaver!! and plans to pull four or five more as I work on the custom orders. That chocolate beaver hat really needs to be someone's Christmas gift. Will post pics soon.

Boy I'm hoping any of you still read this. :)

It is really incredibly amazing to be BACK!! I feel like I've been gone for a long, long time and just now feel like myself again. I HATES moving. Hates it.

As soon as I find the ftp software (again) I'll update the website. Man, is that a pain. Where are web minions when you need them?