Friday, February 11, 2011

teensy green hatsy

Any photograph taken in the ladies' room of a moving ferry boat  after 11:00 PM is going to be horrific.
We all concede this point, yes?

Nonetheless, because I have the patience of a gnat on speed, here is the first photo of the little green hat that I made in the Izzie Lewis Millinery class:

I see a little bobble where the sideband meets the tip right at the CF which I'm totally going to have to fix. I like the little hat too much to let that slide. I'm thrilled with my shot-in-the-dark ribbon flowers. Think how awesome they will be when I know what I'm doing!

I did notice something funny: When you are on a late night ferry boat wearing a bright yellow coat and a teensy green fascinator hat with four stripped ostrich feathers bobbling cheerfully with every step you take.....

No one will look you in the eye.

I was assuming that I'd be the object of great amusement for folks - or at least something to stare at. It being really late (and I being really punchy by then) I decided to wear it for the egress anyway. Contrary to my expectations, a little green perchy hat makes you just strange enough for people to want to go out of their way to avoid you.

This amused me very much.

I need to make the hat a dress, don't you think? Or a green Chinese silk brocade corset or something. Tim voted for the corset. I know we're all surprised about that.

Anyway - hopefully more and better pictures to come, but I just wante to share cause it is SO CUTE!!!!

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