Friday, February 18, 2011

Some better photos of the Green Hat of awesomeness

In this episode, the hatmaker remembers what her day job is and actually reads her camera manual to learn to take clear closeups.
(it isn't a very manual camera, so she must have thought that "point-and-shoot" should be taken literally. Sometimes marketing gets in the way a little bit.)
Although it is not the most current, highest resolution, fabulous megapixelled macro settable digital camera out there, it does seem to have the ability to take macro shots after all, when properly configured to do so:

Here is the leedle green candycane hat, in all her biasy stripedy sassy glory. You can clicky these photos to see them even bigger.

An in-focus closeup of the "let's try this technique and see what happens" ribbon flowers, (with which I am thrilled!) 

and a back view of ribbon flower "buds"

 A little vanity shot of my theatrical milliner friend's headsize ribbon lining technique, which seems to have worked very well (tiny handstitches at the top of the ribbon - the beige lining does not come all the way down to the head opening, which reduces bulk.) and the elasticy cord that I poked through the hat - which keeps her on my head at the appropriately jaunty angle.

And a final side view of the hat, from the non-flower side.

And I can't wait to see what this post looks like, so I'll just end here.


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