Monday, February 28, 2011

Eureka! Edwardian hats demystified!

I found this fabulous extant vintage/antique clothing site with numerous photos of each item (and shoes and hats!) from a variety of angles, including inerior shots!

Here it is:

Check out both the Online store AND the sold archives.  Great for all you steam punks out there :)

My Eureka moment?
Looking at the underside photos of the really large crowned edwardian hats they have pictured (this type)

 has given me the answer to my age-old question of "HOW do those hats look like they are floating on those big hairdos! If the crowns were really that wide, they would squish the hair!

I've read some more about the pompadour frames now, too - and though I'm sure that those helped the hats stay on and the hair stay big, the actual answer seems to be that the brim of the hat comes all the way in to the head size, or even smaller than the head size, and are made to sort of perch, while the crown as seen from the outside of the hat is WAY bigger than the headsize, which enhances the already extreme size of the hair.
First hat, on the outside, with way wider than head sized crown:
Same hat inside view. You can see how much bigger the exterior crown is than the actual headsize opening from where it slants:

And another, outside:
and inside:

 I'm absolutely thrilled with my new-found discovery. SO thrilled that I may have to make one to go with an actual 1912 dress that I own - that fits me! I think I'll do it in buckram though, since I'm kinda back into that, and I've never touched straw before in my life.

Boing Boing!

(all these photos came from the website above.)

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  1. Great Post. Nice work! I love those hats and want to see the one you make!