Monday, April 7, 2014

Photography and Carcanet necklaces

I have a new photography studio setup for product shots!

My neighbor and dear friend Cory is a top-notch pro photographer with experience doing both portraits AND product shots, and he came over and we designed and built this frame setup and he had these used lights
I've just ordered the last few things (my own reflecty umbrellas and a proper tripod)

and anyway - Lookit what I can DO now!!
(Shakespeare needs a little hair gel, it seems)

In other news, that is only semi-related to the photography:
- I've started making some jewelry things from the ouches:

I took a jewelry making class, and have sortof exploded with these.
They are called carcanets (kar-kuh-nets) at least according to Webster, that's how it's pronounced. I'd have sure thought it would be kar-kah-neighs, but yannow. Whatever.

Here's a little composite of some grand ladies sporting carcanets.

I LOVE that they come in all colors. I LOVE that they vary in size from close around the neck to sortof wider, collar-of-state-like affairs. I love that they are so fabulously sparkly.
And I admit that although I needed a new crafty obsession not at all, I'm really enjoying it.

Now - to figure out whether they need to be off-the-rack carcanets for sale, carcanets for custom order, carcanet kits, or all three. Cause I can't wear all of the ones I've even made so far!

Anyway - that's what's going on here :)


  1. Sabine BokebynderApril 7, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    Must must have. Truly truly, decide soon how you will provide!! (Sabine Uber Truly Fan)

  2. I am looking for gold with pale blue stones and you have a gallery?