Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another fascinator!

This was an exercise in "If you can't find it - MAKE it yourself"

Here's the dress fabric I was trying to coordinate with:

But all the nicer silk flowers right now are either magenta, electric red, or screaming orange, and I really needed something sort of more in the brick to raspberry range. So I combined about four different existing flowers, and painted each layer till it looked cohesive and had depth and shading.

I think it produced a beautiful result!

I really didn't have the right color purple to do the curly feather thing that I did on the others. (which is too bad - cause I really did like that effect) BUT - I found some fabulous cut crystal beads that were the right purple with an over-wash of a red-gold tone. I knew they belonged in there somewhere, but I wasn't sure where.

So I took apart a nicer looking silk hydrangea, and added the beads in as stamen-like centers. I also made a centerpiece for the red flower out of the same beads.  
I love the purple-red combo!

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