Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun with Rust and Green

Hello Hat friends :)
I'm in a color combination mode: Rust and green.
Working on an extended size order for a rust hat with green trimmings, and I discovered that I'm pretty much rolling in options. I LOVE that!
 THIS is why, when I see awesome trims, I should get them right then. So that I have this much choice for when someone wants something specific.
This is only a teeny taste of the options.

And just a few feather choices

This is just some of the dark green blanks:
I'm really low on rust blanks now, like, pretty much out. Maybe need to do something about that.

Here's the custom order, in progress:

Still waiting for the edge ribbon to dry.

And some feather and trimming "thoughts":

A couple of hats in these colors are on the shelf, ready to ship!

This one is 22.75".

And this one (made for this order, but I fear it will be a tinch too snug.)
is 24.25"


  1. Love the brown one measureing 24.25, is it for sale and how much? Would you be able to put a different trim band from the selections you have pictured from above?

  2. It is for sale, and would be $150. Sure - I can change the band. :) Can you email me?