Thursday, April 25, 2013

Couple of orders

Getting work done on a couple of the orders I pulled the other day. They are coming out very nicely. I'm LOVING all the new tricks I learned from my last two mentors!! The difference is so obvious to me.
This one will get a leather sweatband and lining (I've really gotta add that option to the website - it always feels like I'm trying to upsell people when I call to ask at the last minute.)
I have some trim ideas sortof pinned on. Here it is mostly naked:

And here it is from the side with feathers propped on.
The white stem of the large feather  pulls my eye too much
(thank you Lesley Wilson - I am STILL using those awesome feathers you gave me a decade ago!)

So I'm thinking about adding in this little yellow guy to purposefully pull the eye. (plus the outfit has some yellow/gold in it too.
I've been waiting to use this awesome jewelled button forever - and I think it looks great on here.

The feathers are quite lush, and curled cooperatively for me. 

And here is the lovely little Brown and Salmon hat:. (Really classy color combo, by the way.) I love getting to use my natural, undyed ostrich feathers, which are a lovely grey-brown color.

And her closeup:

I hope they send me photos of the finished outfits with the hats!!

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