Monday, June 30, 2014

Jewelry set finished!

Here's the absolutely GORGEOUS totally finished set of Elizabethan jewelry :) 
Once again, may I say that everyone...EVERYONE should get a photography setup  in their home. This should have been a required class in my training. Cause - I took this picture:

I know, right?

I added bar pins at the center and at the 5th ouch, so that the girdle can be made to follow any bodice front, easily. I've tried it on my dress form., and it works great so far. Back closure is adjustable by about 2"

I? Am thrilled with the way these are finishing up. I would be proud to wear them myself, and that's pretty much my bar for things I will sell. 

Can't wait to get them up on my website. 
(Oy, the website.)
Look - sparkly jewelry!

(I just want to make stuff - not websites. Oy)

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