Thursday, December 5, 2013

First custom hood with the new Ouches

This is pretty exciting, since it's the culmination of a lot of hours an planning.
Here is the first custom (customer sent me the fabric) French hood, with the ouches used for the billiment. I'm thrilled to say that it came out just like I had hoped.

I ran into a few issues with the shape of the billiment - which MUST be curved not flat, but that was pretty easily remedied, and I have thoughts for easing future projects.

 I got to use my red-tinted metallic silk organza for the frill which I think looks perfect on here.

The only functional issue is that the ouches weigh more than the plated beads I was using, and the hood wants to fall back on the head more than the others did. I put a piece of elastic at the back under the hood (Oh - first velvet hood, too. The billiment just begged for it to be velvet - plus the wardrobe accounts are pretty consistent about that.) and I will send it with a comb that she can sew into the front if it needs it. I think it will work without as long as she does her hair in the braids wrapped around the top of her head for the heavy part to rest on.
One way or another - this will work.

So - Whadaya think?


  1. Oh I know who that is going to and I may need to steal it from her. Beautiful!

    1. Hee - Yay! It's making me pretty happy sitting here all gleamy.