Sunday, December 15, 2013

All four Musketeers!

After much ado and little sleep, here they are!

Can you tell who is whom?

Here were my inspiration images:


So - Can you tell??
Tha's ok - Just in case, I tell you anyway.






 The only thing I need to say about these is that D'Artagnan's feathers are not lavender, they area lovely grey. Not sure what my camera did there, but I decided to just tell you, and not worry about color correcting.

And now - I sleep.
And then worry about finding the right boxes. 


  1. If you cant find a box you can make them from concrete tubes available at Loews or homedepo they are 42" long and come in many sizes in diameter they are out of heavy cardboard and can be cut to size with a jig saw or a table saw add a top and bottom and it makes great very very very strong hat box. I used these when i traveled and sold Garb and hats. Just a thought if you cant find a box. Oh do you buy your hat blanks or make them? Please e mail me if you make the blanks Thank you.
    Lady Marion