Friday, October 18, 2013

Ouch samples are Awesome!

The ouch samples....have arrived!!

(And they are exactly what I wanted)

I ordered samples in three configurations:
All black stones

 All Red stones

 And Black and Red stones

 Here they are, shown with a penny, for scale. They measure 26mm,
or approximately 15/16th of an inch across

 The manufacturer put four loops on the back of them for me, which was definitely a customization. It means that I can use these to make jeweled girdles AND billiments with two rows of pearls on them for the hoods.

Here's just a sortof better "product" shot.

I had a couple of ladies write me on FB who want a whole bunch of them, so I just placed a sizable order this morning! They should be here by November 20th at the latest.

Even though the cost sortof magically increased by almost $.10 each when I placed the order (they explained that they were heavier than they expected, so the "free shipping" would cost me more....hmmm) I'm still going to be able to sell them for just $1.50 each!

I mean at that price,  you really maybe CAN get enough of them to seriously bling up a gown properly.
I can't wait to see them in person.
Can't wait for the two other ladies to get theirs and see what they think too.

I ordered them in bright gold (as shown above) and some of them also in antique gold, which I tend to prefer but have not yet seen their version. I asked for some of the stones to be a darker red, which they said they could do, but again - sight unseen.  We'll see - but my hopes are high.

With all that excitement - the arrival of 120 of these became obscured a bit:
 These, I could sell for $.75 each - but they don't quite pack the same punch that the other ones do.  Still - they are a great option to have and they look pretty right.

So - color question:

What's up with the red-and-black-only thing, anyway?

Have any of you seen these in portraits in any other colors besides red, black, and gold? (and pearls)
There are period rings and combs and other jewelry items with other color stones in them, but for some reason, I can't seem to find billiments or bodice jewely-oochie-type pieces that are anything but red or black.

If you find any -send them my way. cause I COULD get them in lotsa pretty colors in the future!


  1. How can one order ? I'd like to see Dark Purple #26 ?center stone 4 dark blood #21 red surrounding and and the same purple on the outside. I also like the square just in Dark Purple The Cost is what I want to Know?

  2. Hi Mark -

    This is a good way to start that process. :)

    For custom color orders, you need to order a minimum of 50 in each color combination. (The minimum is really 100 in each color, but I'll cover the other half to resell.)

    The price is $1.50 each, plus exact shipping to you.
    If you want any of the colors I have already ordered, you can get as few as 1, up to as many as I have (so far - that's about 50)
    You can write me at with more questions.

  3. I have so much love for you and this post. :)

  4. I would love to order some of these! I think the one with red and black stones would be perfect. :-)
    Could you email me with more info?

  5. Do they have Unfaceted stones? Cabochon?