Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Improved French Hood

I thought I would share some shots of my newest model of a French Hood. It's version number, like 9.4 or something.  Because it's black velveteen and black wool (and I certainly didn't have anything resembling decent lighting) I've had to get artsy with the exposure to show you the shapes of the layers. 

 To be honest, I'm still new enough at photoshop that I kinda dig the artsiness.

The layer shapes are based on the hood on this awesome effigy lady, though it's obviously not an absolute replica with regard to the back half.

And the billiment (gold beady thingy) on mine is based on the one in this portrait:

Here's a slightly askew back view - with my new veil "solution", which is I still need to revise....but at least I know HOW I want to revise it. There are two separate pieces on there right now, a wool one and a velvet one - which I need to make into one single fall.
Cool - This artsy exposure really shows off the awesome stripey fabric I used on my gown sleeves :)

And finally, a side view, showing my shocking barbie pink kirtle. (The veil was accidentally tucked into the back of my loose gown. :S
It still passes muster, in my book.

SO - after wearing it for pretty much two days straight, here's the analysis:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stayed put with NO problems, using only ties under my hair at the back
  • I could HEAR!!
  • Very flattering
  • Based on a number of historical images
  • Does not look Costume-ish. 
  • Quick and simple enough to make, and make well that I actually might add them to my website.
  • Veil solution covers the back of the hair entirely, making it really accessible for people with shorter hair, or who aren't all down with hair braiding/taping, etc.
  • Still a mishmash of historical images - not based on ONE hood.
  • Still have revisions to make to the veil
Hm. I thought there were more cons than that. Awesome. :)

That's all she wrote.


  1. It's gorgeous! Such a flattering shape! Question: I see you take the metal beading around the top and down the side but do you let the final 3 beads hang free, or are they attached to the hood or the veil? Lee B.

    1. Hi Lee -
      (figured I would answer here too in case others have the same question)
      They are on a piece of millinery wire, and extend past the bottom edge of the hood. Next time, I'd reduce the length by two beads (one short and one long) per side.