Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leather Sweatbands - choices! choices!

Very exciting mail today!

In my attempt to continue my wholesale supplies trend, I've been trying to source out really affordable leather sweatbands. I found a place in New York (I know you're shocked), who has three different price points, and they just sent me six of each as samples!!
Here they are, with the highest quality (Roan - $450/gross) ones on the left, and the lowest quality (bonded leather - $150/gross) on the right

The Roan ones(below) are very thin and extremely smooth. They feel like they would not change the head size much and would be lovely to wear. I would have to choose whether to use brown or black, as I can't afford a gross of each right now. (Maybe they would split it for me....but I doubt it.)

The bonded leather are 1/3 as expensive and much thicker.  They honestly look quite serviceable. I could afford both brown AND black, which would be several years worth of them.

The one in the middle (below) is real leather and quite thick, and is right in the middle, price point wise and smoothness wise. BUT - It is so thick that I'd be concerned about the sudden effective downsizing of all my blocks. Could possibly afford both colors.

Best news, though - ALL of them are awesome - ALL are affordable, and I have enough to really test them out to see which I like best. Watch for updates as I start using them!!!


  1. what does a hatband actually do?

    1. Protects the hat from the head(sweat) and the head from the hat(Dye.) Also sturdies the bottom of the crown quite a bit, and hides the bottom edge of the lining.

      Esthetically, the hats look much more professional when they have a sweatband in them.

  2. What is the name of the company? Do they have a website?


    1. The company's name is "affordable leather Products. Here's what I have for them:
      Affordable Leather Products

      565 Barry Street Front 2
      Bronx, NY 10474

      Phone: (718) 589-3256

  3. Do you have the photos posted somewhere else? I'd love to see 'em!
    I'm still starting off as a hatter, and I've yet to find a source for pre-made leather sweatbands.

  4. Hello truly,

    Would it be possible to buy a few of these sweatbands from you?

    1. Hi Tristram,

      Right now I'm using up some that I bought in an auction, which don't have the little lip on the edge of them that you need in order to stitch in the ditch to attach the band to the hat. I have some of the strapping used for the lip, and have been assembling those myself. When I run out, I'll definitely be ordering some of the ones shown in this post, and at that time I'd be glad to share. In the meantime, if I were you I'd want some that were ready to go. Hats by Leko has these by the piece or by the dozen, and they are quite nice.