Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just HOW structured is that flatcap?

I had a customer tell me recently that she didn't like the way she looks in the really floppy flatcaps. I replied that the choice of interlining has a huge effect on the way the bag part sits, stands, or drapes. I took some super-classy cell phone photos to send her to show her the difference between a flatcap with a very soft interlining and one with a stiff, canvas interlining, and it occurred to me that some of you might be interested in them as well.
Please pretend I have, you know, makeup on, and my hair is, I dunno -brushed, and that I am not in a sweatshirt in my hallway. K?
Here we go:

The FLOPPY one. This is a medium weight fuzzy black wool, interlined with plain old broadcloth. It's very soft.

This is a smooth, lightweight navy blue wool, interlined with canvas and tafeta. It is quite stiff, and can be reshaped in a number of ways, and stays where it is put.

Both of them have plastic that is edged with wire inside the brims, with no seam on the brim edge, so that they are as thin as possible, to show off the curve I put in the wire.
They pack totally flat, are completely waterproof, and are *almost" indestructable. Three people I know have worn theirs almost completely out - but it took them about 11 years to do so.
Yeah - you know who you are Greg, Amber, and Dave.

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