Thursday, March 17, 2011

yummy rusty coppery brown feather choices

I don't usually have quite so many feather choices for when a customer asks for rusty coppery accents. I was thrilled to be able to send him this picture just now, so he can choose what he wants to go with his outfit.

Ooh - I want to post his picture too - he has this fabulous Elizabethan ensemble that he wants a hat to go with, but I haven't asked his permission yet. Will do so - and hopefully will post the very nice shot that he sent me.

I Should have ordered from this feather place immediately (they had a screaming deal on 100 feathers and would let me mix these and other awesome and subtle colors) However - after I got this small order, I went to place the big one and the price had gone up too high. ($3.95 per feather is way higher than it was when I first ordered samples from them) (Hmm...though that price DOES include shipping.....hmmm)
Here's the link, just in case anyone is interested.:

I may end up ordering from them anyway just because of the fabulous, subtle colors they have.

Please note that the color names in my picture are probably not the color names they offered. The feathers did not come labelled, and one of the feather colors I ordered (and not sure which one, above) is called "luggage". Though I don't know which one that is - I'm sure that I like it.

I enjoy fun but semi-unhelpful color names. My new favorite lipstick, for example, is called "twilight".

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