Thursday, March 24, 2011

The outfit...and the hat

The very nice customer said I could post his picture!
Here he is in his spiffy ensemble, for which he wants a new trulyhat: (the hat pictured is not the new trulyhat)

THIS is the new trulyhat:

I love this combined gold and copper ornament combo. I may have ruined my leather punch making the hole in the gold thing, but it's really pretty and was possibly worth it.

Yup - all done. Boxed up, weighed, stickered, paid for and waiting for complimentary carrier pick-up.
Have all of you discovered Click-N-Ship yet? I tell you, it took some pretty grumpy local post office ladies to make me search out online options, but now that I have it all set up I'm never planning to personally go to the post office again. I'm the best evangelist that the Click-N-Ship people could ever want.

Anyway - won't he look fabulous! I really love the super tall bowler hat style. I remember doing the super happy dance when I found that block on eBay. They come out really looking like the portraits, and that makes me smile BIGtime.

Mr Nice Customer (above) has promised me shots of the updated ensemble (apparently he's got some new pieces in the works) and I'm really excited to see those photos. I guess the hat has to actually get picked up by the postage carrier first. (I just can't type "mail lady" without sniggering like Beavis and Butthead)

Waiting....not my strong suit.

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