Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Website Store Update!

I'm so very proud of myself.

The old joke "Dear god, Jim, I'm a milliner, not a web designer!" may get old, but it never gets any less true.

But, through several evenings' work (I sent my husband to two movies while I worked over the weekend)
I've redesigned the store page a bit. It's still not uber-flashy but it is a definite improvement, and actually contains images of the flatcaps!

The old numbering system was pretty cumbersome, so I've got fancy lookin' product codes and numbers now (i.e. FHXL 3) , which actually simplify things for me. I still have a few more XL felt hat images to post, and I need to do a bunch of descriptions, but the really important thing is - the tables loaded, look like I wanted them to, and contain pictures! The links even go clicky, and I fixed the main links page.

Though I deserve ice cream, I'll settle for a self satisfied sigh, and this little public gloat.
 Every time I do this web design Dreamweaver thing, it does get easier.

There is hope for me yet.

Now - I need to get a real photography set up (white box, lights, a tripod and digicam that can actually take clear closeups of stitching and trim details, etc.) so that the pictures are consistent and good, and THAT will feel like a great next step.

It's a new year - ANYthing could happen.

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