Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Cavalier hats, and my budding designer

New lovely red and black cavalier hat, size 23", I believe, with a 4 1/2" brim.  Really came out like a million bucks. I'm thrilled that I'll have some of these at 12th Night for sale (including this one). Especially since they are looking SO NICE!
 Here's the first completed custom ordered Cav hat. Yummy chocolate brown and all ready to go to his new home. First of six custom orders! I adore the new, sturdier blanks; they are worth the additional cost (to me) (I'm not passing along the increased cost over my usual large blanks.) (yet) (hopefully I won't ever have to, since they reduce the time and trouble and produce a knockout product.)

And finally, a lovely photo of the hat that my 10 yr old son "designed." He did this by digging through all my trim to find the "prettiest one" and INSISTING that I use it on THE hat I was finishing that moment. May I say that it is much better to cooperate with him rather than to keep trying to work (ignore him) and discover that he's cut  1-foot long pieces of five different really nice ribbons to "sample them" to "see if they work".

Fortunately, I think this is fabulous, so he's very interested in who this one goes home with. I think it's a 22"

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