Wednesday, November 17, 2010

French Hoods - rethinking again and again

So - Ages and Ages ago, I did what research I could and came up with my version of a french hood.
I wish I had a photo for you, cuase it actually doesn't suck, and I still occasionally wear it (to my husband's great disamy, since I can't hear very well in it.)

Recently, I've discovered Flickr, and some amazing collections of images of effigies in various English churches.

 The fabulous French hood 3D side views I've found on these sites are making me totally rethink how I should make a reproduction French hood.  Here are some of the images I'm inspired by:

Though there are still a number of options in my head for what layer might be part of what other layer, I've done a little experimentation, and I've come up with some serious improvement over my earlier efforts. 
Hopefully tonight will provide a little more time in the shop to work on  the outermost layer, and then I'll be able to grab some process shots of what I'm thinking.

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