Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Hatblog - first post!

Yay new hatblog!   Not too much here yet, but I'm hopeful that I can keep the hat news flowing. Here is where I hope to add photos of hat progress and what I'm interested in and working on.  I figured out how to link this blog to the website (which turned out to be stupid simple), so I'm feeling all techno-pleased with myself.

This last weekend, I worked on several hat orders and finished two preliminary Cavalier hats. (watch for them in the Store to get a preview.) I'm generally happy with them - especially the little camel suede colored one. She's so sweet I may just need to keep her. Wait, who am I kidding - I almost never KEEP them, especially after I decide to. The first hat I sell is usually whatever hat I'm wearing.

I added a few Links, too, but it's still pretty skimpy there. Now that all this is up and running, I'll try to make that more robust as well. Lots to do!

I'm thrilled to have ordered hat blank samples from my both usual place and a whole new supplier (to me) out of Tenessee! I'm really excited to receive those in the mail and try them out. I have one more place to order samples from, and then it's try-them-all-and-decide time.
I've also got four new brim blocks coming from ebay. In short - I'm in TOTAL HAT MODE!

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