Friday, October 15, 2010

Feathers, blanks, and two finished Cav hats!

Finally got some pictures of the lovely new feathers and blanks that came in!

Grey, white, chocolate brown, olive, gold, and black. Loving those green ones in particular, as you will see.

Below are the hat blank samples that I just got yesterday! There are two brown ones with wide enough brims for me to make the pre-ordered brown Cav hat (GS - this means you! Do you want me to try for the bronzey chocolate one in the center, or the slightly tanner but still definitely brown one on the left? The so-called "emerald green" one on the right is more like "screaming kelly green",
which is not what I think you were interested in, but let me know.)

So - OK cavalier hat folks. I've made a few cav hats, to see how it works. Below are the results of my initial experiments. Two hats are currently finished and available, neither of which were part of the pre-orders. Here's the first one, a VERY sweet, sueded fur felt hat, size 22, with a smallish brim (for a cav hat.) I have some more of these blanks, but this is the widest possible brim I can get out of them. It's perfect for someone who wants shade and style,
but who is a little less flamboyant.
 Looks great on ME. :)

Here's the second one. A large (size 24, I think?) very WIDE brimmed wool felt cav hat with those yummy olive green feathers and matching green band. Came out lovely and clean, and I've got a call in to the supplier of those blanks to see what colors I can get them in. This blank was a dream to work with.

Second shot of same hat, with kitten, cause I'm just kinda like that. 

And - that's all for today!


  1. Hello my name is Melinda Piesse and I am writing to you from Melbourne, Australia. I have been wanting a cavalier hat for ages, to wear sailing. I just came across your web site and I would like to ask you do you do custom orders? My husband and I both have 23 1/2 inch heads. I'd like to get him a classic panama hat for summer, too. I'd love a dove grey wool cavalier hat with ostrich feathers, very much like the one Orlando Bloom wears in Pirates and also a straw one for summer days trimmed with ostrich feathers. Please let me know what you think- your hats are lovely! From Melinda

  2. I was wanting to make my own beaver fur felt hat. Do you have any idea where I can find a beaver fur felt blank? I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Leko has some:

      and Manhatco:

      good luck!