Tuesday, May 21, 2013

23.5" beaver hat available

I have another hat on the shelf, and it's kindof awesome, so I thought I'd feature it here.

It's my first try with the black beaver blanks I picked up last summer. It came out Soooo pretty.

It's very shiny and pettable. It would require occasional brushing to keep its "hairdo" all in order, but that's quite easy to do. A nail brush works, or a proper hat brush, of course.
See? Shiiiiny:

 I LOVE the centered swirly bit on the very top - it's such an undeniably "Beaverish" trait.

So - since this was my "trial run" hat - even though it came out perfectly, this one can go for the standard on-the-shelf price. ($110)
After this, hats made with these beaver blanks will be $25 extra - just for the cost of the blank. I have a couple of dozen of these blanks, and I don't know if I can afford more after those are gone.

If someone wants the hat, but wants it trimmed differently, I can do that - but it becomes "custom" at that point, which adds $20. (Still a $25 discount, since I won't likely be using these blanks for "on the shelf" hats very often, if at all.)

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