Monday, April 4, 2011

TrulyHats are on the road to Texas! (And new Camera)

And by on the road - I really mean it. Four big boxes of TrulyHats (pretty much everything on the store page and a couple more) are all boxed up and mailed off to my friends Kim and Erik's house in Houston.  The hats will wait patiently for me to arrive and take them to an SCA event there (Stargate Baronial) where two fabulous old friends will be taking on an awful lot of responsibility, AND I'll have a merchanting booth.

(Apparently, out in the real world, these are called  "trunk shows")

I'm quite excited to go back to the land where my hatmaking began, and am hopeful that I will see lots of old friends and meet a bunch of new ones.

Also: Camera!

In other exciting (to me) news, after a long search (ok - only about a month. What can I say, I've got the attention span of a gnat.) I finally stopped with the research and actually ordered a new digital camera. I spent a whopping $89.00 on it, and am quite a proud cheapskate that way.

My real, no, ONLY criterion was that I wanted to be able to take excellent macro shots with it. I couldn't care any less about megapixels or zoom Xs or sepia tones or anything. Good. Clear. Easy. Closeup Shots.

Today - it CAME in the mail! Naturally, being a good technical writer, I read all the instructions first (praise me!) and then tried it out on whatever was handy, which happened to be some jewelry cast-offs that a friend gave me to use as possible hat decor.

Here is my "first time out of the gate" resulting photo:

May I just  please say: Woot!

For anyone who is also shopping for an extremely inexpensive, fabulous macro-mode extrordinaire camera, 
it is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH1, and I got it from


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  2. Your new photos looks great. I have the same camera and I love it!