Thursday, December 9, 2010

1000 custom woven trulyhats labels!!!!!!

I just ordered 1000 custom woven labels.


I've been "going to definitely DO this this year!" for about ten years now.
The things that have been stopping me for these last ten years have been:
  • Even companies that say they have "low" minimums" seem to want to ship you zillions of these, and charge you over 200 bucks. Not a small committment there.
  • I have very low level graphic design skills, and reasonalby high standards.Also, I had no concrete ideas for a logo. I knew that I absolutely did not want to have a hat pictured on it. (too Kitchy, maybe?) I also knew that I didn't want it to look at all like the iron-on name labels that mom put in all my camp clothes. That's all grand, but knowing what you don't want does not a logo design make.
Then I found some custom woven label companies on ebay - they had VERY low minimums - I could have spent as little as $45 on this project! (Course, the real price break came at 1000 labels, but even that was under $100, shipping included!)

I decided that if Anne Klein and the like can have labels with just a name on it in a clear but identifiable font, mine could be similar. Here is my final design, which is on its way to me MAYBE in time to get them in the 12th Night hats:

The company name has always been Truly Originals, but they are only ever referred to by customers as "Is that a TrulyHat?"

 If I love them, I'm set for labels for about nine years.

(I hope I LOVE them)

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